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We have changed our direction. After having a renewable energy store in Carson City for 6 years, we realized that it is all about providing quality, while saving the customer money. We will save you money by providing a completely engineered system at a cost that is competitive with almost anyone. Unlike the internet We Are Local

Do it yourself with our help, or we can provide a turn key system with our experienced contractors

call (775) 833-4559(775) 833-4559

We have a complete line of renewable energy systems and products. Solar PV, Solar Hot Water, Solar Radiant Heating, Wind Turbines. Our engineer on staff will custom design your system to meet your needs or answer your technical questions. We pride ourselves in the support we give to each and every customer, particularly the do-it-your-selfer who wants to do his own installation to save cost. Let us help you with your project or have our licensed contractors install it for you. We provide free on line consultation.

Solar Hot Water - Solar Radiant Heating - Solar Electricity

Wind Electricity - Solar Heated Plant Beds - Energy Saving Devices

Complete System Design and Engineering Service

Energy Systems Consulting LLC - 775 833-4559775 833-4559

Want to save money ? Want to do some or all of the work yourself ? Ask about our DIY (do it yourself) program. We will hold your hand all the way at a modest consulting fee.

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New Solar Hot Water Rebate Programs

Free Renewable Energy Workshops on a broad spectrum of renewable energy topics. They range from general topics such as "Common Sense Conservation" to more specific design and implementation presentations of solar hot water, heating, off grid solar photo voltaics, wind turbines, etc.

Our presentations include but are not limited to:

 - Wind Machines - Comprehensive look at available options from small 2.4 kw machines to larger Jacobs 20 kw machines. Is a wind machine right for you ? How much wind do you have ? Discussion topics include machine location, power production factors, rebates and tax credits, local ordinances, financial considerations etc.

- Solar Hot Water Systems - "Best bang for the buck" A comprehensive look at the best return on a renewable energy investment. Covers various types of systems, design considerations and available rebates and tax credits.

- Grid Tie Photo Voltaics - Components, design and economic considerations, RECS, tax credits and rebates will be discussed. Is solar PV right for you ? What should I know ?

- Off Grid Photo Voltaics Systems - A comprehensive look at systems available to the rancher and off grid customer. Well pumping systems will also be discussed. What it takes to live off the grid.

Our presentations are available at your group meetings please call us to schedule in advance, based on your interest and group focus. (775) 833-4559(775) 833-4559
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