Solar Hot Water

Heating water is one of the most economical ways that solar energy can benefit you today. Solar water heating can replace up to 90% of water heating costs. Conventional hot water heating costs represent from 20% to 25% of a family’s energy costs. Unlike radiant heating hot water is used year round. Savings are multiplied for those using propane or electricity to heat water. Solar hot water is clean, safe, and cost effective.
Solar hot water systems can be as simple as a single existing hot water tank with an external heat exchanger or more complex for high volume applications such as used in a laundromat. The diagram below shows a typical medium volume residential hot water system that uses the existing water heater as a backup and adds a circulating pump between it and the solar tank to essentially double the hot water capacity.
Shown above is a concept diagram for a typical residential application. It has two separate loops. An outside loop that connects the solar collectors to the solar storage tank and an inside loop that mixes the solar heated water with the existing water heater. In locations that have freezing temperatures the fluid flowing through the solar collectors is a mixture of glycol and water which prevents the outdoor components from freezing. Heat is transferred to the solar storage tank using an internal heat exchanger which separates the potable water from the collector loop. Control-1 pumps heat into the tank whenever solar energy is available. Control-2 mixes water between the tanks whenever the solar storage tank is hotter than the hot water heater. Since the solar hot water can be very hot during the summer or low use periods, a mixing valve is required, reducing the temperature to a value set by the customer. The cost of a solar hot water systems can cost as low as $2950.

Because we use a closed glycol loop, the solar panels do not have to be mounted on the roof. They can be ground mounted, even a hundred feet from the solar storage tank. Our heavy duty uni-strut mounting design can withstand 100 mph winds.
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