• Are there 3 or more people in your home using hot water ?
  • Would you like to have a system financed and pay only a third of the cost ?
  • Do you want a system that is environmentally friendly and cost effective ?
  • Do you want protection against future energy inflation ?

Recent legislation (S.B. 182) has enabled both NV Energy and Southwest Gas to setup a trial rebate program for solar hot water. Customers using electric and natural gas to heat their water may qualify for the rebate which will cover up to 30% of the system cost. Combine this with a 30% tax credit and the customer pays a little more than a third of the system cost. See the links below for more details.

NV Energy Rebate Program

Southwest Gas Rebate Program

On Propane ? Even better! While rebates do not apply to propane customers, the 30% federal tax credit still applies. Because of the high price of propane, the propane customer pays a little more up front but realizes a much shorter payback period (4 - 6 years) compared to a natural gas customer. Call us today and let us show you how you can save money now. while protecting yourself against energy inflation in the future. Solar hot water is the best renewable energy investment.

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